Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Vampire Diaries. Book 1 by L.J. Smith

This was a FANTASTIC book series!!! In fact im reading the last one right now. The first book was all about Elena...

Elena was the golden girl, the Queen of the school. Everybody loved her and wanted to be her friend. Then she met Stefan. She was so used to having boys fall all over her that she was shocked when Stefan just walked past her in the halls, not even glancing her way.

Stefan is having trouble dealing with his past. As it turns out, Elena had caught his eye but not in a good way. She reminded him of an old lover that had died a long time ago. Oh, by the way, did i mention that Stefan is a Vampire? Well he is. When he met Elena, he could bearly stand to look at her. He had thought he had forgotton about Katherine but Elena looked exactly like her.

Elena was horrified. Why did he hate her? She vowed to have him no matter what happened. And soon, she fell in love with him. She realized that he felt the same way about her. He had finally excepted that Katherine was dead and that he could love Elena.

When a brother comes back for revenge on Stefan and old friends turn their backs on Elena, they find themselves alone with no one but eachother.

To see what happens, read this book. It tells of a story of a selfish girl who finally learns the real meaning of love. And of a Vampire who is trying so hard to stay out of his brother's shadow. A wonderful book that is thrilling and romantic.

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